I’ll never forget the thrill of meeting Jesus when I was a teenager!  I loved reading my Bible. It was life to my soul. In time though, I began listening to others’ opinions on the Bible instead of deepening my faith in a personal God through my own Bible study. Before long I was pretty confused.

I have found that many people are in a similar situation. They are bewildered by the opinions of others and confused about what God really thinks. Perhaps you are one of them.

The turning point came when I started praying to hear God’s voice. He began teaching me principles of Bible study that have made His Word truly become “the Word of Life” to me (1 John 1:1). I’d like to share those principles with you in this four-part series on understanding the Bible.

A God-Led Conversation

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

One of the most important things God taught me is that He wants us to understand His thoughts. His desire to converse with us is far greater than our desire to talk with Him. God wants to engage us in conversation so that we can understand Him clearly through His written Word.

But I have learned that understanding the Bible does not come through a superficial scan. Instead, true Bible study is made up of three repeated steps: 1) Biblical reading, 2) Biblical thinking and 3) Biblical application.

We will explore these steps in detail in coming issues. As we do, you’ll see how they work together to radically expand your understanding of God’s Word. They have transformed my life. I know they’ll transform yours too.

For today, I invite you to begin praying this prayer from Jeremiah 33:3 each day:

“Father God, I want to understand your Word! Please teach me. I want to hear Your voice speaking to me. Thank you for answering, just as You have promised, and showing me great and mighty things about Yourself. I can’t wait to see what You have for me today in Your Word. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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When Should the Sabbath be Observed?

Precisely when does the seventh-day Sabbath begin and end? According to modern timekeeping, each day begins and ends at midnight. Is that the time period we should observe as Sabbath? The Bible has a very clear answer.
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Is the Sabbath Worth Keeping?

Mark Forsyth's pursuit of Biblical truth led him to the Sabbath from a jail cell.

God’s Gift to Families

God desires to bless us abundantly on the Sabbath, but as a family it takes thoughtful preparation and planning to receive those blessings. Here are some practical tips for making Sabbath special for your children.

Experiencing The Blessing

From the beginning God set apart the seventh-day Sabbath as a special time of rest and fellowship. What is the heart of true Sabbath keeping and how do we honor God’s holy day? The Bible has the answers!

The Heart of The Sabbath

God took the day off work to pursue His relationship with Adam and Eve. He is just as passionate about His relationship with each of us today. He desires to be our best Friend. Jesus loves us and the Sabbath proves it!

The Sabbath Solution

We are perpetually tethered to work by our devices. We answer emails and work on projects off the clock. Then we rack up additional screen time scrolling through social media and binge watching our favorite shows. The result—anxiety and depression rates are at all-time highs. Experts are seeking solutions. God has the answer.
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How to be Changed by Bible Study

There’s no use in studying the Bible if it doesn’t have a real-world impact. Take these steps in Biblical application to see definite results in your life from your Bible study.
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Q&A: How do I Receive the Holy Spirit?

Have you ever wondered if you have the Holy Spirit? The Bible promises this gift. Here’s how you can have it...

James White – Ardent Worker of Christ

James White, co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, dedicated his life to the salvation of others. His life is both an inspiration and a rebuke to any Laodicean Christian.
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