The Bible Optics newsletter is designed to help you make sense of our rapidly changing world. There is only one trustworthy source of insight–God’s Word! The Bible offers us an unbiased commentary on the news, revealing God’s perspective and telling us what is yet to come. Each monthly newsletter gives crucial understanding of present truth and shows its application to today.

Precisely when does the seventh-day Sabbath begin and end? According to modern timekeeping, each day begins and ends at midnight. Is that the time period we should observe as Sabbath? The Bible has a very clear answer.

The mark of the beast… Is it a vaccine? A computer chip? Or something else entirely? Find out what it is and how you can avoid receiving it in this issue of Bible Optics. Learn how to receive God’s seal too!

The second angel’s message in Revelation 14 is a warning given in love by our Heavenly Father. Are you listening?

God has three urgent messages for the world today. The first is an invitation full of hope. It matters for every person on earth. Have you heard it?

Have you ever wondered why some people worship on Sunday and some on Sabbath? Which is the real “Lord’s day?” Find out in this issue of Bible Optics.

God has a sign that tells the world who His true followers are. It’s been the same since the beginning of time. It blesses all our relationships. And it still matters today. Do you know what it is?

The Sabbath is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity. It provides us with an opportunity to recharge and reconnect with those who matter most to us. Find out more about how to make the most of the Sabbath in the July issue of Bible Optics.

Does thinking about God’s law make you want to cringe and hide? Or do you rejoice that God loved you enough to give you His law? Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, but God is inviting us to a new perspective on His law. Like David, we can say, “Oh, how I love your law!” (Psalm 119:97). Read this issue of Bible Optics to renew your love for God’s law.

God’s judgment can seem like a scary thing. Yet the Bible reveals another side to the judgment–a side that reassures our hearts and gives us peace. God judges for the protection and redemption of His children. He’s not out to get us. He’s out to save us!

A renewed interest in Bible prophecy in the early 1800s led people around the world to the conclusion that Jesus would return to this earth in or around 1844. Jesus didn’t come then, but they were correct in believing that something momentous would happen then. It wasn’t what they had at first believed, but it is a truth that affects every one of us today. Learn what it was in the April issue of Bible Optics.

What Jesus has been doing in heaven since His ascension? The Bible gives us insights through a surprising source–the Old Testament sanctuary. Learn what Jesus is doing in our Father’s house and how it affects us here today. Plus, discover the difference between being a consumer and a producer, learn how to receive the Holy Spirit, and how to effectively apply God’s Word to your life.

Have you ever felt that your spiritual walk was lifeless; reading the Bible meaningless? If so, you need the remedy Jesus proscribed in Matthew 25 – the gift of the Holy Spirit. Discover what it looks like to be filled with the Holy Spirit. You’ll also learn why the Holy Spirit is so important in our spiritual lives and what really happened at Pentecost in the February issue of Bible Optics.

What leader will you be following in the new year? Have you pinned your hopes on our new president? Or have you fixed your eyes on another Leader?

In this time of change, the Bible invites us to look to Jesus for hope, courage and lasting change. Christ’s kingship assures us that we can have joy today and look forward to the establishment of His heavenly kingdom in the near future.

The French Revolution stands out in history as a time when reason was publicly enthroned in place of God and the Bible. The results were bloody. Surprisingly, many of the factors that led up to the French Revolution are being repeated today. Discover the lessons God wants us to learn from this tragic period in history.

How close are we to the end of the world? 2020 would suggest it is coming sooner than we thought. In this premier issue of Bible Optics, we take a look at the Bible’s prophecies about Jesus’ Second Coming and when it will be. You’ll also learn how to hear God’s voice more clearly, and what it means that Jesus is coming as a thief in the night.