How is the Sabbath a Sign of Loyalty?

God’s Loyalty to Us 

God celebrated the very first Sabbath with Adam and Eve as a sign of their origin and His love for them. The Sabbath day was evidence of His loyalty to them. It continues to be a sign of His love for us as our Creator and Redeemer. 

Our Loyalty to God

Sadly, humanity has betrayed our loyalty to God over again and again. No one has been loyal to God except one man, Jesus Christ.

There is no longer a tree of knowledge of good and evil to test our loyalty as there was for Adam and Eve . Instead, we have a different test of loyalty. Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments,” (John 14:15) and the apostle John later stated, “By this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments” (1 John 2:3). This includes the fourth commandment to “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8).

Many Christians dismiss the seventh-day Sabbath as being unimportant or no longer binding. Others are ignorant of its true importance. The Bible tells us that as we near the second coming, God’s people will “keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” (Revelation 14:12). The one commandment that has been disregarded by the vast majority of Christians will be the final test of loyalty. (We’ll explore this more in upcoming issues.) 


Experiencing The Blessing

From the beginning God set apart the seventh-day Sabbath as a special time of rest and fellowship. What is the heart of true Sabbath keeping and how do we honor God’s holy day? The Bible has the answers!

Q&A: How is the Sabbath a sign of Loyalty

God has given us a weekly sign that reminds us of His commitment to humanity. That sign is the seventh-day Sabbath. How does a day remind us that God is our loyal Creator and Redeemer and where does the Sabbath fit into our Christian experience?
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Septiembre de 2021

¿Se ha preguntado alguna vez por qué algunas personas adoran los domingos y otras el sábado? ¿Cuál es el verdadero "día del Señor"? Descúbralo en este número de Óptica Bíblica.
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September 2021

Have you ever wondered why some people worship on Sunday and some on Sabbath? Which is the real "Lord's day?" Find out in this issue of Bible Optics.

The Heart of The Sabbath

God took the day off work to pursue His relationship with Adam and Eve. He is just as passionate about His relationship with each of us today. He desires to be our best Friend. Jesus loves us and the Sabbath proves it!

The Sabbath Solution

We are perpetually tethered to work by our devices. We answer emails and work on projects off the clock. Then we rack up additional screen time scrolling through social media and binge watching our favorite shows. The result—anxiety and depression rates are at all-time highs. Experts are seeking solutions. God has the answer.
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August 2021

God has a sign that tells the world who His true followers are. It's been the same since the beginning of time. It blesses all our relationships. And it still matters today. Do you know what it is?
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