Have you ever wished you could feel Jesus’ love for you more? You know in your head that He loves you, but your heart feels cold and lifeless? Then put these six suggestions into practice and prepare to be amazed.

These suggestions are from Dale Leamon, an Adventist pastor whose ministry was joyless until he discovered what it meant to abide in Jesus’ love. We pray that they will enable you to experience Jesus’ love too in this time of crisis.

Jesus’ longs to ravish you with His love. Will you let Him?

Suggestions for Beginning the Experience of Abiding in Jesus Love:

#1 – Dedicate the first hour of your day to making yourself emotionally available to Jesus. Determine to open the door of your heart every day until Jesus comes.

#2 – During your devotional time in the morning, read the Gospel of John, Desire of Ages, the Psalms, any of Ellen White’s devotional books, or Andrew Murray’s book Abide in Christ, etc.

#3 – Have no agenda during your morning devotional time (such as reading through the Bible, studying for a presentation, completing a book, etc.). Only seek to experience His love.

#4 – Pray along these lines, “Lord, my mind knows you love me, now I want to know it in my heart. Fill me, embrace me, overwhelm with your love, live in me. Thank you for loving me!”

#5 – Pray, read, listen, write. Pray, read, listen, write.

#6 – At the slightest emotional experience of God’s love, thank Him and praise Him. This is a way of expressing your faith and your awareness of Him will increase joyfully.

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