Lesson Study 1 Copy

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What kinds of questions will I have to answer? 

There are different types of questions: Fill in the blank, drag and drop, single choice, multiple choice, rating from 1-5 and essay. Spelling does matter when filling in the blank. We used the New King James Version (NKJV) for the answer key.

Questions with multiple answers must all be correct to receive the points for that question. If you get a couple answers wrong because of spelling, don’t worry! You can redo the lesson study but as long as you pass with 80% or above, you can move on to the next study. Some essay questions will be reviewed by one of our team members as soon as we can. Use the notes button on the lower right hand side of the screen to take notes and record your answers to look back on.

Sometimes we will provide you with a hint for a question. If you would like to see the hint, just click the “Hint” button to find the answer. 

At the end of each lesson study is a thought question that we hope you take seriously and think about carefully. Sometimes this question will be asked in YES or NO format and sometimes it will be in essay format so that you can write more of your thoughts. Your answer does not have to be long but we would like to see what is on your heart. 

Who sees my answers? 

Your answers will be reviewed by one of the members of our God Led team that is located closest to you. 

Who is the God Led team?

Our team consists of pastors, Bible workers, church leaders and administrators. Our goal is to help and encourage you in any way that we can! 

What if I can’t move on to the next lesson? 

If the last lesson does not show complete with each section having a check mark, you may need to go back and view the sections that are not completed. It should register that you have been on that page and mark it complete.

Lesson Studies must have a passing grade of 80% or above. 

How can I get help if I have a question? 

In the bottom right hand corner of your page, you will find a private messaging feature that you can use to communicate with your group leader or members of the God Led team. Feel free to ask us any questions you have. You can also contact us at godled@kytn.net 

How can I view my completed lessons?

Your completed lessons may be viewed from the student dashboard on your My Account page. You can review your results and redo a lesson if you desire. If you click on a lesson study on the left hand sidebar after you have completed it already, it will start again as if you never took it. (Your results from your previous attempt are still saved but the results from your new attempt may be written over the last.)  

Where do i access the community forum? 

Your “My Account” page gives you access to our community forum where you can talk with other individuals who are taking this class. Please be respectful and kind when replying in the threads.